Jura Schoeder –
Customer Management in a sustainable way

Well seasoned Customer Management Expert with over 15 years’ solid operational experience in translating Insights into great Customer Experience, driving Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Market Research and Public Relations.
Exceptional analytical, communication and administration skills along with a creative mind and the will to get things done.
Delivering best-in-class service to the customer is my north star.

Open for freelancer contracts as active support, sparring partner, project manager or interims manager.

Soon based in: TBD
Available within regular business hours: TBD


  • Customer Experience Management & CRM
  • Customer Satisfaction & Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Contact Center Management, Service Vendor Management & Service Quality
  • CSR, ESG, Diversity & Sustainability in Business
  • Personal Coaching

Looking for a speaker on any of these topics? Just let me know!

And if you just want to run some idea by someone else or have a quick chat about any of the topics above, feel free to reach out!

What others say about me?

  • Passion for customers and their experiences including putting himself literally in the customer’s shoes
  • Strategic thinking
  • Willingness to challenge the status quo and take unpopular positions to challenge the business to do the right thing
  • Eagerly tackles opportunities
  • Builds cross functional relationships

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